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What is ÅUB?

ÅUB ("Åland United Behövs") is a project that will secure Åland United's financial future. Our goal is to give Åland girls an opportunity to aim for an elite career in soccer with a team at home. 


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What can I do?

Donate at least €50 and be visible as an ÅU supporter

Names of sponsors will be published here shortly!

Personlig Sponsor



Brage Williams (200€)

Anders Häggblom (300€)

Ålands Schakt AB (1000€)

Dress Like Marie  (100€)

Dylan Jansson (100€)

Torsten Wikstrand (200€)

Jörgen Wikstrand (200€)

Maj-Grat Wikstrand (200€)

Erica Sjöström (100€)

Carina Aaltonen (200€)

Anders Höglund (150€)

Bo Ulenius (100€)

Stig Byman (150€)

Inger Westerlund (200€)

Trygve Gustafsson (125€)

Tomas Fellman (150€)

Fredrik Björklöf (200€)

Anonyma sponsorer 8 st (1270€), Stödbiljetter 11st (295€)

Buy a supporter shirt!

Buy an Åland United shirt and show your support at both home and away matches!






Buy a support ticket 

At every Åland United match, you can buy an extra support ticket and participate in a lottery at the end of the season! 

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